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Fart joke! Fart joke!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I was actually surprised, I thought this would be extreamly lame, but it actually made me chuckle, shure it was short, but it worked for this situation, the sound was decent, the artwork could use work (try using a smaller brush size :p) but all in all I gotta say, better then a lot of CC crap that comes along.

Street Fighter Chode Street Fighter Chode

Rated 5 / 5 stars


the girl/guy depicted in this flash has a striking resemblance to my ex...

oh and great animation, simple, but perfect for the humor.
though perhaps lighten up on the screaming? my parents are in the house you know! lol

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


animation- poor
humor- was ok, mainly just the 'stupidity' of males, there was a lot more you could do
audio- not bad

to be honest I laughed harder at your comments then at the vid :p but all in all it's passable :)


Jinx-Studios responds:

Well, 7's better than 6!

The Next iPod The Next iPod

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not bad

like everyone else said, audio would have made this a LOT better.
the humour (albiet old) wasn't bad at all. however, evens if it was just you simply reading out the text outloud would have been a massive improvement. (steriotypical "comming soon" music with the voice would be evens better still.
add audio, and then re-submit it. that's my suggestion

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B Remix B Remix

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm gona be a dic

and write a full review for this


1-you got the point across at what you were trying to achieve
2-there was movement on the screen.
3-you had audio.


1-only one tween, frame by frame animation here and there makes animations more pleasurable to look at.
2-I don't think you have permission to this song.
3-wasting people's time and your own life, and costly bandwith from newgrounds uploaading stuff for the mere amusement of getting hatemail (another words your a troll)
4-needs a bacground, plain white is boreing and entertainless.
5-a good animation should have something diffrent happen (scence shange/camera panning or something) about every 3-5 seconds.

hope this helps!
now actually try to animate something.
good day to you sir.


Kogey responds:

Con failure.
1 - SO what if it's a tween, I doubt you don't even know what B is
2 - There's songs all over NG who people don't have permission to use, you fail.
3 - You wasted your time for watching it
4 - Original didn't have a background
5 - If you're such a flash expert, you make something better

Banjo Kazooie Rock Banjo Kazooie Rock

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I read your comment and yes, this is a low level flash :p
however, i can see you tried, so I'll try for a good review ^.^

tweens are handy, but don't solely base your animations on them.
evens if you just made the fret hand a symbol to make his fingers wiggle it would have been a massive improvement.

also, backgrounds aren't manditory, but I think they would have helped cover up the plain look of this video a bit.

the drawing was ok for a beginner.

a tip, you usually want no more then 3-5 seconds between scene changes, or camera movement or else people's minds start to wander.

sound was good. (but then again, I don't think it was your own :P.. but I see you've got permission from the artist, so that's a good thing XD

and yeah, keep working on it, try making longer animations and work on having more frame by frame animations, all tween animations allways look cheep.

(all in all, an ok effort, but unfourtunatly not passable)

Cheers ^.^


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Computed Computed

Rated 4 / 5 stars

awesome ^.^

verry well done, animation was a bit simplistic and the art wasn't awesome or anything, but.. well.. here I'll sum it up


1-Original charecters
2-good story (not original, but you did a good and original take on it, evens if it was a bit simplified)
3-voice was easy to hear (though it sounded like you were a bit shy as if there were other people neer by.. try bieng more confident next time ^.^)
4-animation was well enough done that i could enjoy the show without bieng distracted by obvius tweens or really jerky animation


1-that bieng said, the animation could be smother, try increasing the fps and add more frames inbetween each "keyframe"
2-voices were good, (fit the character) but the breathyness kept you well aware that it was a person talking thrue a microphone, again, a bit more guts in the voice should solve that.

all in all, a great job ^.^



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A Calming Motion A Calming Motion

Rated 4 / 5 stars


great animation, and went well with the music.

unfourtunatly it was short an incomplete *puppy eye's*
i would have loved it if it was done.

it kept my attention, a nice pace to the animation regardless of the more mellow music, but it still went well toghether. keep going with this animationand I know it'll be awesome ^.^



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At The Gym At The Gym

Rated 3 / 5 stars


great animation.
the sound editing is great, you have the background noises and music well placed and such.

but the voices were 2 soft, i had to turn it up, which didn't help much since the background noise of the treadmill was at the same level of the voices, if you don't want to turn up the volume of the voices, add compression to them so they stick out more.

and there was too much talking, i couldn't wach the whole thing becouse the soft mellow voices and the humming of the treadmill made me sleepy with slow/repeditive animation didn't help (though the animation in itself WAS good)

this submission is passable.. but work on making the voices more listenable, and try having lesss talking, kind a way to keep convo's short so that no person talks for more then about 3 seconds at a time(ish) and within 10-30 secinds something should happen/apear to change what we are seeing/hearing to keep us interested.

well.. that's my opinion, like i said, this made me fall asleep so I couldn't wach the whole thing in feer of passing out.
but since the animation was so great, I deem it passable.

Cheers :), and good work.


RWD: 030 CDI RWD: 030 CDI

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well done! ^.^

gave me a nice laugh ^.^


1-decent length
2-a valid story line
3-great voice actors and good recording of thier voices.
4-animation fit well with the humour
5-inovative charecters.

con's. (kinda...)
1-animation was jerky (i know, that was the point)
2-art was quicly drawn with little effort (again, I know that was the point)
3-story line was stupid (which is actually a plus in this case :P)

awesome stuff! i would give it a 10/10, but I try reserving those ratings for people who have really worked hard at it. (though still a deffinate pass in my books)



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